Baby Quilts

Many thanks to all of you who continue to donate Baby quilts for the Royal Surrey Hospital Special Care Baby Unit. If you haven't made one's a worthwhile cause and a good way to use up all those scraps of fabric and samples from workshops.

Along with the usual blue and pink quilts, some with a holiday theme are acceptable (Easter, Christmas, etc.) for babies born on those holidays. As well, white-on-white quilts will be offered to parents who are unfortunate to have lost a baby.

The requirements are: size approximately 16" X 20", cotton, with no loose beads, buttons or lace for safety reasons. Flat imbroidery is fine.

We now have bespoke labels for you as well. Please see Rosemary L. to obtain your labels
Patterns are available on our website under Downloads or in our Library at the hall - see photos of some made by members of GQ in our photo gallery