Guildford Quilters 2018 programme


PLEASE NOTE *  The workshop on the 13/02/18 with Janice Gunner, and her talk at our monthly meeting on 14/02/18 have both been postponed.

January Meeting and Annual General Meeting


Happy 2018 everyone!

Where does the time go?  It doesn't seem like a whole year has gone by since we held our last AGM, but here we are again. Our Annual General Meeting went very well with our committee members voted back in again to continue in their roles supporting Guildford Quilters. A big thank you also went to our lovely Chairperson Theresa for all the time and effort she has given to Guildford Quilters in her first year. 

Our meeting then proceeded as usual with our monthly raffle and some lovely prizes were won by a few lucky members. This was followed by our Show and Tell session. Once again our talented quilters brought along their gorgeous quilts and quilted goodies to share with and inspire us to get sewing in 2018. 



Boro Quilting link


Anyone interested in finding out more information about Boro quilting prior to the workshop with Janice Gunner on 13th February,can do so on the following website.

There is also additional information on both her talk and her workshop on Janice Gunner's website.  

Upcoming Radio 4 interview with Linda Seward about the Anne West Quilt


Linda Seward, a well known and respected quilter, who is our guest speaker in 2019, will be interviewed on Radio 4 about the Anne West quilt. Details of the broadcast are below.

December Meeting


Our December meeting was filled with festive fun, food and gorgeous fabric goodies.

Our committee decided to make us work for our Christmas treats by giving us a quiz to do which we all really enjoyed, even the tricky questions! Then it was time to share a mince pie or two, (or even three, no-one was counting), and a slice of very delicious sausage plait made by one of our members.

After our monthly raffle we had the chance to sit together, chatting and sewing, in the good company of our fellow quilters.

Always a highlight of our meetings is our Show and Tell time when our members share their work with the group, and our meeting this month saw an array of beautifully made Christmas crafts to inspire us for next year. 


What a great year 2017 has been for Guildford Quilters, giving us the opportunity to spend time with old friends and make new ones.   I am sure 2018 will be just as wonderful.