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This blogger includes in her recent post an amusing speech given at a conference on quilting (Quilt Canada 2010) by Allan Fradsham, a criminal court judge in Calgary, Alberta, where the conference was held. - Interesting website sent to us from the Girl Scouts in Kentucky who found our resources quite helpful while working on getting their Quilting Badges - A community of passionate crafters featuring online classes on quilting - Quilting Travel Tours with some interesting trips for 2014 - Modern quilts and sewing projects - For hand quilting tips without pain - See related exhibition in calendar on 31st May - Amazing things happen in this music video, which uses all sorts of sewing tools - Another Interesting website - Fabric matching page: upload a pic of the fabric you are trying to locate or match and it searches. Great fun. - Workshops and Retreats in Northern France


Quilting - 200 Questions Answered by Jake Finch ISBN 978-1-84573-513-5 a book packed with tips for anyone who enjoys quilting.