Monthly Meeting July 2021

…….in Gerry’s Garden

It’s Good to be Back Together……

Now that we are allowed up to thirty of us in an outdoor space together, Gerry very kindly opened up her garden and patio for our first ‘live’ gathering since February last year. We were asked to bring along a chair or fold up seat and a mug. (I told them I’d left him at home!). Well done whoever remembered to bring our name badges to wear after we had signed in, just to jog our memories!

We had ample opportunity to chat and sew, and we even had Show & Tell! Needless to say, there was a considerable quantity of cake and treats on offer with not very much left over at the end. I think we all realised how much we had missed each other’s company since our last ‘live’ meeting back in February 2020 – some 16 months ago. However, the Group has not been idle, as evidenced by the amount of Show & Tell we were treated to, and not forgetting our new members, some of whom were able to join us. There was much discussion over the online lectures and workshops that we were able to provide the membership and that some of our new members are as a result of these. The question was asked if we would be able to continue with these once we are back in Albury, so the committee will look into this possibility.

All in all, we had a great get-together and everyone’s thanks went to Gerry for being so accommodating. Looking forward to seeing you all next month, once again in Gerry’s garden, for a luncheon and afternoon chat. See you then…..

Isabel Pedrick & Linda Dodwell
July 2021