The Guildford Quilters’ Constitution
Revised January 2016
Discussed and agreed without amendment January 2020
Amended V4 March 2021


1 The name of the association is Guildford Quilters (GQ).

2 The object of the Group is to share ideas and experience in quilting and patchwork sewing and to bring together those interested in these crafts by holding regular meetings, workshops and lectures. Membership of Guildford Quilters shall be open to all those interested in these crafts and who are willing to pay the annual subscription.

3 The maximum number of members is 65. This number may be reviewed annually at the AGM.

4 New members will be accepted by application to the Membership Secretary, who will hold a full list of members’ details and a waiting list if necessary. Guildford Quilters will adhere to its Data Protection Policy to safeguard members’ details.

5 Meetings will be held at Albury Hall or online in extenuating circumstances.

6 The Group shall be run by a Committee elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in January. The Committee of the Guildford Quilters shall include a Chairperson, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Membership Secretary and shall consist of no more than 10 members, with a minimum of five. Five members will constitute a quorum. The election of officers shall be by simple majority vote by the members, after individuals have been nominated and seconded. All Committee positions will be held for a maximum of 3 years, unless there are exceptional circumstances, when there should be an option to extend for a 4th year. There should be overlap of Committee members to ensure continuity, particularly for the posts of Chairperson, Vice chair, Treasurer and Membership Secretary. Committee members should have a concise job description, which can be adapted and shared. An attendance of 25% of the membership will constitute a quorum at the AGM.

7 Nominations for election to the Committee must be made to the Chairperson by no later than one month prior to the date of the AGM. All nominations will be in writing with the approval of the nominee.

8 The Committee may co-opt additional members to serve until the next AGM either to replace an elected member who has left the Committee, or to further the aims of the Group, up to the maximum number of 10 Committee members.

9 The Annual Subscription for the ensuing year shall be fixed by the Committee and notified to the members at the AGM.

10 A Bank Account in the name of the Group will be maintained into which all funds relating to the Group’s activities must be paid. At least 3 of the Group’s officers will be registered as authorised signatories and these will be the Treasurer, Chair and Vice chair. Any two signatures on a cheque or other payment instrument shall be sufficient discharge for the Banker.

11 The Treasurer shall keep comprehensive records of the receipts and disbursements of the Group. An account of the Group’s finances shall be made up the 31st December each year and made available to the members at the AGM.

12 Charges for meetings, workshops, and lectures shall be decided upon by the Committee, who are also authorised to award discounts or bursaries to members.

13 Expenses incurred by Committee members, or other members of GQ, for the operational requirements of the Group shall be recoverable by submitting a written claim to the Treasurer.

14 Insurance: the Committee is responsible for ensuring that the Group is adequately insured for all its activities undertaken by the Group, whether for its members or for the general public when such is appropriate.

15 In the case of the Guildford Quilters deciding to discontinue as a Group, any funds which are held by the Group at the time of the closure will be distributed to a charity agreed by any remaining members, or distributed equally to the remaining members. This will be decided by all the remaining members via a closed ballot vote at the time of the winding down of the Group.

16 Committee members are responsible for the safe-keeping and maintenance of any of Guildford Quilters’ assets and relevant documents; they must hand these to the Chairperson at the last meeting prior to retiring from the Committee.

17 Any proposal from the general membership for alteration to this constitution shall be made by giving the Chairman at least 3 weeks notice in writing of the proposal. Such proposal should be signed by not less than 5 paid up members, when an Extra-ordinary General Meeting shall be called. The committee can review the constitution at any time and make any necessary amendments if agreed by at least a quorate of the committee and ratified by a quorate of the general membership.

The Committee of Guildford Quilters
March 2021 RATIFIED EGM 14th April 2021


Guildford Quilters Data Protection Policy


1. Introduction

Guildford Quilters (GQ) must comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which came into force in 2018. GDPR gives the individual the right to be informed, the right of access, of rectification, of erasure and the right to object. This policy explains how members’ personal data will be held, handled and controlled. Any queries should be addressed to the Membership Secretary in the first instance.

2. Objective for Holding the Data

Data is held primarily so that the Committee can effectively administer the organisation and can contact members when necessary for its smooth running.

3. Actual Data Stored

The data record for each member is-
First and last name
Postal address
Telephone numbers
Email address (if available)

Attendance registration of name and membership number is held for administrative reasons and covers such occasions as meetings held at Albury Hall, for car parking and other gatherings.

4. Maintenance of Data

All current membership registration forms and the master electronic data base, are held, maintained and updated by the Membership Secretary.
Notification of errors and any changes of details should be made to the Membership Secretary as soon as possible.

5. Sharing of Data

Contact details will be used by Committee members for the legitimate use of managing and running the GQ Group, as stated in the membership form (2021). Personal data will not be shared with third parties or other individuals, unless legally required to do so.

6. Security

All Committee members are responsible for the security of members’ data.

7. Removal of Data

A member may unsubscribe from GQ at any time by contacting the Membership Secretary.

8. Archival List
GQ shall hold an archival list of only the names and membership numbers of past and present members for an historical record. Individuals can request to have their name removed or anonymised next to their membership number from the archival list, if they so wish.

Written and approved by the Committee of Guildford Quilters
March 2021 RATIFIED EGM 14TH April 2021