Monthly Meeting April 2021


GQ Monthly Meeting on Zoom

14th April 2021


Part 1.  An extra ordinary session was held in order to consider the revised GQ Constitution and our new Data Protection Policy (2021). The documents have been approved by the GQ committee and twice emailed to the whole membership prior to today.

The revised Constitution and the Data Protection Policy was approved by the 26 members present today, by a unanimous show of hands.

Part 2.  The Cushion Challenge in 2020 called “Spring awakens” was undertaken by 4 members who showed us their work. They will be judged later by one of our members.

Part 3.  Guest speaker: Maggie Lloyd-Jones gave a talk on “Quilts for Care Leavers”
Maggie (“Mags”) is a retired solicitor who has worked on child protection issues. Quilts for Care Leavers (Q4CL) is her organisation which seeks to give a young adult a quilt, or “hug”, when they leave care at age 16-25. At the charity event called “Christmas Day dinners” for these Care Leavers she had been inspired by a 12 year old boy who said “all I want is a hug”.

From there Mags set up Q4CL, expanding her idea to find other volunteers to stitch blocks together, assemble pieced quilt tops, finish and distribute “hugs” across the UK. Each is made to be big enough to wrap around a person (minimum 40insx 66-80ins) to provide comfort. Quilts are given anonymously except for a gift tag and message from its maker, with just a first name.  They also have a label which states “a hug made for you by Q4CL….remember you are important/loved/ brilliant” or similar.

Members were captivated by the charming and dedicated story of this budding charity. We hope to get in touch with a local contact in order to support them in the future.

Maggie Lloyd-Jones will send the chair further specific information on sizes, fabric and help that is needed, which will be circulated. In the meantime for more information go to

Virginia Clough
April 2021