Tales from Lockdown From The Editor of our Newsletter Summer 2020


The last three months have certainly been a strange experience – one that none of us will forget in a hurry. 

Amidst all the gloom and isolation there have been some plus points.  For those of us blessed with gardens we have had the time and space to tackle long put off garden projects as well as enjoy the sunshine and plants.  I have had a garden clear out.  My greenhouse, which resembled Sleeping Beauty’s castle with a machete required to gain access, now boasts tomatoes and chilli plants. It is a great pleasure to go down there each morning and see how everything is doing.  

The other occupants of my garden also flourished this summer.  In clearing out the greenhouse chaos I found the squirrel-proof bird feeder …….The birds have been thrilled, while I have been astounded at the volume of peanuts a few little birds can eat in a day!  The squirrels, on the other hand are rather cross, and despite all their acrobatics, have not managed to gain access to the nuts.   A little mouse took up residence in my newly sorted potting shed and made a home inside the plastic container containing the birdseed (no need to shift from your bed to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner!).

All this wildlife activity in my back garden reminded me of  “Tales from the Riverbank”  which I used to watch as a child, where in the days before everything was animated, the little mice were real ones….  That then led me to think that we could make a good story of “Tales from Lockdown”  for our grandchildren…..

So in our  newsletters you will find our very own “Tales from Lockdown”  with snippets and photos of some of the many projects you have undertaken during the last three months.   I have seen on the WhatsApp group how busy you have all been with your sewing projects during Lockdown. 

If you are not all sewn out you could also have a go at the GQ Lockdown Challenge for 2021 or the West Horsley Gladrags Project .

Details of these can be found on Challenges 2020.

Do send in more of your photos and stories and we can continue our “Tales from Lockdown” in the next edition of the newsletter.            

Summer 2020 Hilary Carter – Newsletter Editor