Thinking ahead for Guildford Quilters Meetings in 2020 and 2021


We have now had several committee meetings and made the decision to cancel all meetings at Albury Hall until future notice. We have postponed some speakers and are discussing the possibility of developing the GQ Zoom Meetings for the future.

We realise that Zoom meetings are not for everyone. Either members do not like being on screen, or have physical difficulties with this, or it is not for them. However, we cannot envisage meeting physically at Albury until sometime in 2021. 

There are about 27 people who I contact to join the fortnightly Zoom meetings and our average is about 16 each time. Virginia has written an article in this edition to fill you in on what has been happening in those Zoom meetings. If you have any technical difficulties in joining us please let Virginia or myself know, as it is very easy to access and you do not have to have Zoom on your computer.

Why not try it – you may be surprised at how easy it is!  Lots of members find the interaction with the group really therapeutic and a great way of keeping in touch and we have a good laugh too, which is just what we need in Lock Down!

The upcoming meetings planned are on the back page of each  newsletter -so have a look and join us.  If you have any further ideas for Zoom Meetings let us know.

Regarding the Group’s finances all is currently well.  As long as our subscriptions stand at 80 or so members, we will have the income to invite good speakers.  If our membership drops we will need to look at the subscription fees. Of course we are not paying Hall fees at the moment, but equally we have no Raffle income, which helps with speaker costs. 

Currently, I have booked five speakers for 2021. Some of these were postponed from 2020 so we do not incur cancellation costs. Janice Gunner, who we had postponed from earlier in the year until October 2020, is prepared to do a lecture on Zoom and a workshop.   We can postpone her again until 2021 in the hall, but this still may not have enough support, so Zoom may need to be the alternative. As many of us watch demonstrations and talks on the Internet perhaps this is a way forward until we have a vaccine for this Coronavirus and then are happy to meet physically.  I will probably need to move booked 2021 speakers through to 2022 to make sure that speakers are interspersed well throughout the year.

Finally, apologies for not having the Website up and live but there have been numerous problems. Firstly the original one had to be taken down due to security issues and it was unsupportable, whatever that means. Secondly those members doing the work on it, which has been considerable have been very over stretched with work, family and just existing in this very difficult time.

Please do email me your thoughts on all this as so we can put together the best programme. 

Summer 2020 Gerry Hyner Chair