A thank you from the SCBU at The Royal Surrey – November 2021

Here is an edited thank you letter from the SCBU Royal Surrey. Photo in the SCBU Gallery

Dear Guildford Quilters,

Thank you so much for dropping off the wonderful quilted baby blankets yesterday, I am so sorry that I just missed you.

I would also like to thank Valerie for all of her hard work in making the blankets and wondered if you would be so kind and forward this email on to her on my behalf. The quilts are so colourful and imaginative the staff absolutely adore them and when I took them up this morning, the whole team asked me to forward on to you their heartfelt thanks and as you can see from the photo attached, they all wanted to be in the picture as their way to say ‘Thank You’!

Thank you all again for your continued support and I’ll be back in touch in the New Year.

Take care and stay well

Best wishes,


Sally Jochimsen
Individual Giving Fundraising Manager